Newest Colors

View all of the newest Corian® colors.

Corian® All Colors Gallery

View all Corian® colors available in every collection in one area. All colors are sorted alphabetically.

Corian® Illumination Series Gallery

The Corian® Illumination Series includes translucent colors that can be backlit for effect, so you can explore the power of light.  The color effects can change dramatically when backlit with different light sources, so the design possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Corian® Metallics Gallery

Introduced in 2010, the Corian® Metallics colors combine earthy backgrounds with striking flecks of gold or silver metals. This creates a depth that simulates movement when viewed from different angles, allowing truly unique and trend-setting designs.

Corian® with Certified Recycled Content Gallery

All Corian® colors are reusable which reduces the amount of waste in landfills, but these colors are especially environmentally-friendly because these colors are made with pre-consumer recycled content.

Corian® DeepColor™ Collection Gallery

Colors in the Corian® DeepColor™ collection appear deeper and richer when compared to other dark Corian® colors.

Corian® Custom Colors

If you can’t find the perfect color in the standard Corian® palette, you can now design your own! With the Corian® Custom Color program, DuPont can manufacture Corian® to match almost any fabric swatch, paint chip or sample.