Futrus® Solutions with Corian®

Futrus® is a line of casework, furniture and headwall solutions designed for healthcare and commercial environments.  All Futrus® products are constructed with Corian® making them easy to clean, easy to maintain, and easy for architects and designers to recommend.

Futrus® Healthcare Solutions

For healthcare, Futrus® offers a range of products including headwall systems, casework and furniture that are designed to address concerns about Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI’s) that can be spread through contact with microbe-laden patient room surfaces.

All Futrus® products are seamlessly designed using non-porous Corian® and lightweight construction materials, so they are resistant to microbes, bacteria and viruses, and they are impervious to the harsh disinfectants that are typically used in healthcare settings. Healthcare solutions made with Corian® designed to allow for easy bleach cleaning and disinfecting where it counts most. Customize to compliment your existing finishes.

Rounded corners and curved interiors ensure quick, easy cleaning and a streamlined look.  Futrus® Healthcare Solutions close the circle for architects and designers who are already using solid surface materials in their interiors.

Futrus® Furniture Solutions

Futrus® furniture made with Corian® combines sleek, smooth, seamless design with ultimate durability.  These products are resistant to stains, scratches, cracking or discoloration in extreme temperatures or sunlight.  Lightweight, easy to maintain, and repairable if necessary, Futrus® furniture provides are ideal for indoor or outdoor settings and provide a perfect solution for demanding commercial environments.

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