SIA Abrasives

SIA is a line of abrasives that can be used to finish wood, Corian®, and other surfacing products.  We stock abrasives that are tailored especially for this industry to deliver superior performance and ensure high work efficiency.  Using the right abrasive and following the proper application steps will ensure high process reliability and reproducible results.

SIA abrasives are were specially designed to be long-lasting and to provide a superior finish.  SIA has high quality standards for the grit particles that are used during manufacturing, and the uniform grit sizes ensure even sanding and a smooth finished product. These abrasives can also be removed and reapplied quickly, which will save time in the shop.  We stock sanding discs, polishing pads, back up pads and interface pads.  Several grits, sizes and types are available, so you’re sure to find the perfect abrasive for your application.

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