Specialty Applications

Specialty Applications

Specialty Applications

The innovative craftsmen in our fabrication network have been creating new and unique products out of Corian® and Corian® Quartz for years! To get your creative juices flowing, below are photos showing some of the custom products that local fabricators have made.

Many of the items shown below were developed for specific commercial applications, but they continue to be relevant for designers who are working on new projects. OVS does not stock these items, but many are available by Special Order. Minimum order requirements and special pricing / lead time guidelines may apply, so please contact your OVS Sales Specialist for more information.

Tabletop – Back Side of Basil

Fabricating products using the backside of Corian® Private Collection sheets can create a dramatically different look!

Corian® Quartz with Corian Bowl

Blending a Corian® Quartz countertop with an integral Corian bowl

Corian® Quartz with Corian Apron

Another blend of Corian® and Corian® Quartz, in this case a Corian® Quartz countertop with a Corian® apron.

Corian® Stairs

Corian® could be the ideal surface for a unique and gorgeous staircase

Coved Shower Pan

Local fabricators can manufacture shower pans in several sizes and styles. This pan features coved inside corners for easy cleaning.

Corian® Trough Sink

A number of fabricators have designed custom trough sinks, even using Private Collection


Several fabricators have designed toilet partition systems. Multiple hardware and mounting options are available

Wireless Charging

Charging units embedded into Corian® counters allow for wireless charging of most cell phones and devices!


Another partition system – this one uses piano-hinges at each door

Corian® Quartz Trough Sink

Trough sinks aren’t just for Corian®… beautiful sinks can be made with Corian® Quartz too!

Corian® Handrails

Corian® is great for high traffic areas like handrails

Corian® Trough Sink

Another beautiful trough sink application


Another partition system – this one ceiling-mounted.

Corian® Shower Walls & Pan

Shower wall & pan systems are available in multiple styles and sizes