New Corian® Sinks & Lavatories

We’re excited to launch ten new Corian® sinks and lavatories!


These new additions to the Corian® line of sinks and lavatories bring an innovative, stylish and sleek aesthetic and combine the seamless integration, functionality, durability, stain-resistance and other sought-after features that enhance any commercial or residential space.

Five of these new shapes are targeted for the commercial market; primarily focused on added functionality for the healthcare, hospitality and food service segments. The other five new shapes are targeted mainly for the residential market; inspired by the latest design trends including large rectangular styles with modern, tight radius corners. All new sinks and lavatories are available in Almond, Crema, White Frost, and White Mocha.


Similar to BONE


Similar to Bisque

White Frost

Similar to Glacier White

White Mocha

Similar to Cameo White

Small rectangular lav with u-shaped profile

Large rectangular lav with u-shaped profile

Rectangular flat-bottom lav

New! 5315 Baby Bath 

New baby bath for neonatal hospital settings

New! 5218 Large Sink 

Larger square sink for food service, labs and other spaces, also with an offset drain

New! 5414 Large Sink 

New round sink that’s perfect for dental procedure rooms

ADA-Compliant rectangular sink for Assisted Living, Hospitality and Multi-Family settings

New! 9980 Large Sink 

New single sink with straight sides and sharp corners

New double bowl sink with straight sides and sharp corners

New! 5216 Large Sink 

Square sink for food service, laboratories, and other spaces with an offset drain to minimize splashing

Corian® Shape Products Sell Sheets

Below are links to sell sheets that include the ten new sinks and lavatories, as well as existing Corian® shape products that are well suited for healthcare, hospitality and food service applications.”