Abaco Machines USA

At OVS, our mission is to be a one-stop source for high quality building materials, fabrication supplies and accessories. In support of that mission, OVS has recently become a distributor for Abaco Machine products.




Abaco Machines USA is a company that manufactures material handling, storing, transporting and cutting equipment for the stone industry. Abaco Machines has been producing specialized material handling equipment for over 15 years, and they continuously work to design new products or improve existing ones based on the input of distributors and stone fabricators. OVS is pleased to be able to offer this quality equipment, including A-Frames, Lifters, Racks and Carts, to our Corian® Quartz and Stone fabricators.



Click here to download an Abaco Machines product catalog in PDF format. Please contact your OVS Sales Specialist or our Customer Service Department for more information.

Visit Abaco's Website for More Information!